Susan Scanlan is one of the most recognised psychotherapists in Sydney with many years of experience in the profession. She also has long-standing affiliations with many established psychological bodies inside and outside Australia. She is dedicated in assisting patients from all walks of life to deal with their challenges in a healthy manner. She specialises in a variety of areas and uses a range of approaches to provide treatment for a range of different psychological issues. She always strives to help patients lead a better life.

As a psychotherapist in Sydney Susan gives her clients her undivided attention and focus during their sessions. She makes people feel like they’re talking with someone they can feel comfortable talking with and has a warm and likeable personality. Susan aims to make patients feel comfortable talking about their troubles and inner feelings, which they usually feel uneasy discussing with their family and friends.

Sensitivity to Different Cultures

As a recognised psychotherapist in Sydney, Susan offers a welcoming setting to help all types of people in letting go of their psychological burden. She has an open and non-judgmental environment, encouraging patients to share their worries without the fear of being discriminated against or offended due to their cultural and sexual differences.

Evidence-based Treatments

As an experienced Sydney psychotherapist, Susan knows the essence of staying updated with the latest in clinical psychology. She always makes sure that her treatments are in line with the latest knowledge in her field of specialisation. This allows her to ensure a high level of care to patients.